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Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust - text

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Come the raging chaos, rule power from your soul
Pure demoniac blessing as I kill myself in woe
Alls souls coloured the face of the moon
Shall suffer the eclipse
You must know that I can no longer see
The difference of dreams and reality
For the walls have been sieged
And conquered by our
Dark satanic blasphemy
I stand alone in a valley filled with starlight
My eyes suffer from eternal sparks
So shut the light and dream so I can see
The trident clearer than ever now
And in my darkest fantasy
And as I reach for hell
I am free...
Hearers are raising from the open sky
Meglomania reigns supreme
Chilled in horror - Christian death
They learned how long to stand and pull
I head to receive
The lust and pain
Beat me Jesus
And we will win

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