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You & Me & Infinity - text

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Lost like a tear in the rain
The pleasure and the phantom pain
Did you think someone would understand, no
Ugly people call you just to tell you
They'd be better off without you
You and me and infinity
Two loving hexes in a near-death dream
An ashtray on the nightstand
Your heart in a strange land
We hunted the haunted
That nobody wanted
You and me and infinity
You and me, still chasing the dream
Torn between love and war
With carnal grip and a see-through slip, yeah
From hellfire to heaven's door
You're a daydreamer, night schemer
Tongue taster, life waster
Don't lose me in the future
Erosion is cruel but natural
A neon cross flickers in the moonlight
A leather whip cracks the windshield
Tonight is forever
No hell below, no god above
We are here in the afterlife now
The eternal, indestructible love

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