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Entering Bootytown - text

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You've tried every trick in the book
To get that boy to look
And still the road is dark and dim
If love's just not on his map
It could be right in his lap
And still it won’t get through to him
Wise up, girl
Boy's only pay attention when they see the sign that says
Entering Bootytown
So shake that booty now
'Cause your booty is the way into his heart
Girl, don't you realise
One detour at your thighs
Is a right turn that can break his world apart
You've been here with him before
But he just closes the door
And says, "We're better off as friends."
Tonight he'd better beware
There's somethin' hot in the air
Your wait is coming to an end
No rules now
Gonna use every weapon till he knows he's crossed that line.
And he is…
Enter, enter...
Enter, enter...
Enter, enter...
Entrez-vous (french accent)
Enter, enter...
Ahh, ahh
Entrez vous
No rules now
Gonna use every weapon till he knows he's crossed the line.
He is…

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