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The Slumber of the Shrines - text

The darkness of ten thousands moons
Dripping from the chalice of my heart
There are whispers in the caves -
Unceasing and old
They praise the shadows
Teeming in prehistoric coils
I stand among the raging crowds
Unnoticed but branded
In Paderborn I hear the screams
Of those caressed by the flame
those caressed by the flame
...sicut et quod inferius...
Carved forever
In the pale history
Sigils of utter death
Sigils of utter death
The Aura of the black moon - Abysmal night
A bitter milk of the mother's breast
Autumnal howls ride these landscapes
Aeons to come for you to bleed
The halo of the black moon - Abysmal light
Aeons to reap the harvest of man
And to carve my name in their crippled tongues
Bow! And hail the hecatombs of the glorious past
The Beggar's trinity rises
Above the cathedral dome
The Moon feasts on filth
On the gifts of the indifferent saviour
Goatskin Lord
Piligrim to the temples of wars
Offerings of worship
To the icon of timeless dread
Bow! And hail the coming of the endless fire
Bow & hail
Inhale the clouds of acrid smoke
On the path that none dare ever tread
I descend into the candlelit lair
Toward the stones which I'd raised for the Fall
It's my dance in the chambers of ages
It's my dance in the chambers of shrines

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