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Invocator of the Fall - text

Sulphurous breath
The swarming breed of flies
The charnel ground awaits
As seeds are sown into the poisonous souls
Let me be your earthly voice
The commander of dread
Please come O'Lord
Fill up this rotten vessel for me+
Thy omens breed suffering
The new aeon has come
The wanderer of repention
Shall find the ruins of Rome
As razors through flesh
Sabbatical rapture
Sermons of the ritual night
Sigils reeking of death
On the human skin throne
The harvest - the truth - It strikes - As razors through flesh
These wretched landscapes
Of the sinner
Forever laid before my eyes
Shining Baphomet
Spread his wings
The Star of Bethlehem dimmed its light

Text pridal roman59

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