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Curse of the traveller - karaoke text

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On the restless road to nowhereThere's no certain peace it seemsDesire to keep on movingtill the river of dreamsIs it just because someone told youIs it just because you foundOld freedom feels uneasy when duty is aroundWhen allegiance asks the questionsOld freedom twists and turnsAnd chokes on codes of honourOn the sword of no returnAnd it's the curse of the travellerThe curse of the travellerGot a hold of meAnd it won't let you beAnd in sleepless nightsYou'll call her nameAnd feel loneliness cold to the boneAnd when the daylight breaksThis old tired heart achesTo be such a long way, such a long way from homeAnd you long for the harbourlightsBut you'll never be freeOf the craving for refugeAnd the call of the seaAlways wanting to sell upBut always needing to buySo till the road leads to somewhereAnd that river runs dryIt's the curse of the travellerAin't gonna let you beThe curse of the travellerAnd it sure got a hold of me

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