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I like chocolate and controversyHe likes Fridays and bad companyI like midnight, it's when I'm in the moodHe likes the morning, that's when he's rudeJust a bad case of opposite sexHave to look to the starsAll we need is a little respectCos Men are from Venus and Girls are from MarsBag It UpDon't drop the babyBoot him outNo buts or maybeWind him upAnd make him crazyTake him backDon't drop the babySpin him outNo buts or maybeDo your thingCome on ladyI don't take sugar on my colour TVBut he likes it loaded with Eye CandyI need some space and he needs a roomBut then he keeps me waiting by leaving too soonTreat him like a ladyTreat him like a ladyTease him, please me, chase me yeahYou know what to doNow you're in controlWho's wearing the trousers now..

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