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Semblance Of Liberty - karaoke text

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Born to fight, and we're born to fleeDoomed to live on ecstasyBorn to lie, and we're born to cheatLook in the mirror, who do you see?Born to flee, and we're born to fightWithout your mask, you're terrifiedDon't hide your personalityThat's who you are, your identityIf the virtues of tomorrowWe lost control of our livesWe won't have a future Nor libertyBorn to breathe, and we're born to pursueThat's all we are supposed to doThe semblance of our libertyIs nothing more than slaveryBorn to flee, and we're born to fightIs it failure that's our delight?Born to cheat, and we're born to lieLook at yourself, have you lost your mind?If the virtues of tomorrowSet the need on the wayWe won't have a future nor libertyRaised to think that we are freeLiving in our cavesBeing slavesWill not wait for anyone

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