My Favourite Man - text

My favourite man has left long ago
But he left his close and everything by the door
I didn't touch them, I just stared at them all day long
No one even come and took them away from home

My favourite man left long ago. [x4]

Cause it's all that is left
Of my beautiful man
I don't want to forget him
I don't even know if I can

When my memories are sinked
Cause my favourite man
Cause my favourite man has run away

My favourite man left long ago. [x4]

Baby, I don't want you back
But I miss you like hell
And I miss the love that we had
The man that you are now I don’t understand
But I really, really would like to see once again

My favourite man left long ago. [x4]

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My Favourite Man

Irina Rimestexty

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